More ways to color beautifully

(Next!) ways to color beautifully!

Coloring texts still display very well, so I decided to create another one. I collected another one (!) advice, that will make your coloring pages look stunning. If you haven't seen it yet <video> about coloring, I recommend going there first.

I especially encourage you to read the comments under the video, because you will find a HUGE collection of interesting drawing ideas there. And by the way, you will see the exact content of my latest coloring book (this is the one from today's post).

All right, so what to do, to color beautifully?

  • think backwards

Before you start coloring, Consider, how would you paint the picture on your first instinct (light blue sky, red ribbon, green trees?). And then… think backwards. The sky may be pink as in sunset time instead, and trees – yellow and red like autumn. The face doesn't have to be beige...

(… but if you want a skin tone, and you don't have a salmon crayon, then mix brown, orange, pink and white. Preferably in that order. Apply very thin and careful layers of each color.)

In other words, different things take on different colors in different lights. I've seen orange skies before (at night, lanterns reflect in the sky in smog-covered towns), furiously green water in the lake (algae) or red rocks. It's surreal, but real.


  • put something under the coloring book and “steal” its invoice

I confess without beating, I haven't tested this method yet. However, I have seen many photos on Instagram, which showed results and I was delighted! For example, it works very well. wood texture (combined with a crayon <Australian Bush> from the KOH-I-NOOR Magic Trio set will give an amazing effect!). Therefore – put a sheet of. on a wooden desk and lightly shade (a sheet, not a desk). In the process, you can change colors and move the paper like this, for the patterns to intersect.


  • find (or invent) source of light

Imagine coloring, that the scene in the coloring book is illuminated by a specific type of light (np. candle, campfire, sunset), and while working, try to show this light. Spicy, the daylight sun will leave a very expressive chiaroscuro, and at sunrise everything will be golden and pink. The light of the fire, on the other hand, can be shown through yellow patches with orange rims. If we additionally add flames somewhere, this effect will be very interesting :). Candle can give intriguing, dramatic shadows on the face!



Almost everyone remembers their own shadows, but cast shadows are no longer as popular. They just set the mood! Read more about them in <manga drawing tutorial>. Maybe you can draw the outline of a dragon's shadow on the grass, that flies over the field? Or the shadow of an object on the character's face, which is in front of her? Such a thing can change a lot in the perception of a drawing! It can also go further and…

  • ... draw your own fragments

Who like who, but you can draw. I know that, because you send me your drawings. And my blog is just about drawing. Therefore, if you have a coloring book, which has good paper (<“Guardians of the Night”> they just have it), you can easily draw something.

  • bright crayons

About that, that white gel pen can work wonders, you probably already know. However, bright colored pencils can also be interesting (albeit more delicate) finish! They look best on a surface covered with promarkers and markers. They can draw both very precisely, intricate patterns, and lighten some places in a gentle way. Take a look at the details on the dress in the coloring page below and the arcing streaks of light behind the figure.

The trick with light colored pencils can be used not only on a dark background. Patterns drawn on a pale background will not be very expressive, but they can still be a feast for the eye.

If you want to get an interesting background in your coloring book, this instead of covering them uniformly with a light crayon, you can use a darker one and put another layer of white crayon on it. The surface colored in this way will have a deeper… <depth> ( 😉 ).

You can also trace the contours of an object or figure on the outside with a white crayon. Thanks to this "will break outforward and it will be more expressive.

  • hyperrealistic coloring

I haven't tried it yet, though I'm making adjustments. What if you could color a picture in a book with such accuracy, How I drew Tywin Lannister? Just find a coloring book, that represents something reasonably realistic or surreal (i.e. e.g. a fairy on a horse and a castle can be, but not so much mandalas or comic characters). We can find it later (or do) photo, which shows something similar and based on this picture to color.

Of course, the outlines of a coloring book can both help and hinder, but a drawing made in this way can look really interesting. You can see below, as I tried to draw a tear and wrinkles on a coloring book:

  • repetitive patterns


The above fish look interesting among other things, that I carefully shaded the pattern on each scale. You can go even further and add more complex chiaroscuro 🙂



Reviews and examples of using my crayon sets:

  • Faber Castell art grip watercolor pencils 60 colors – <used in the manga>
  • Faber Castell art grip watercolor pencils 60 colors – <in a realistic drawing>
  • KOH-I-NOOR Polycolor – <example of use>
  • KOH-I-NOOR Polycolor portrait pencils – <mini-review>
  • KOH-I-NOOR Mondeluz (watercolor) – <example of use>
  • KOH-I-NOOR Magic Trio – <examples of use>


What crayons do you use and how do they work?? Which should I buy next time, to review them on the blog? Make a storm in the comments 🙂