Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.

To fully realize the essence of Delacroix's painting and its significance for European Romanticism, let's look at the picture of the Odalisque. It was painted by a contemporary of Eugene Delacroix, the great French painter JEAN AUGUSTE DOMINIQUE INGRES (1780—1867).

Instead of the element of color - cool, muted color and clear, clear drawing; instead of dynamism, a calm bordering on inertia. The odalisque is a masterpiece, but this work is certainly closer to the ideals of classicism than romanticism. No wonder - Ingres was a faithful disciple of David. Even his, like Delacroix, was interested in Eastern themes (interest characteristic of the romantic imagination), eastern themes (like for example. women in turkish bath) painted like this, like the Odalisque, with a linear outline and a general atmosphere of calm stillness.