General features of classical sculpture

General features of classical sculpture.

Composure, seriousness, harmony - these essential features of the neoclassical style are also found in the sculptures of this period. The classical statue presents a balanced form, closed and compact (tectonic); the line of her contour is clearly defined and soft.

Sculptors strive to show beautiful and noble figures, so when the theme of the statue is not an ancient deity, whose figure can be carved simply based on an ancient pattern, but the modern man - they willingly dress him up in an antique costume or even expose him, and facial features embellish without any concern for realism, for inner expression, about psychological truth (as Winckelmann demanded). This is how he sculpted, for example, Canova, Napoleon's sister, Paulina Borghese, as "Venus Victorious", and Thorwaldsen introduced Fr. Józef Poniatowski in a tunic as Marcus Aurelius.

The types of sculpture remained the same as before: statue, tomb, portrait bust and decorative sculpture, serving architecture.