In sculpture, the spiritual brother of Gustave Courbet, the creator of the Stonecutters, was a Belgian, CONSTANTINE MEUNIER (1831—1905). Like many sculptors of that era, Meunier could not forget about the great and still alive …

Romantic era sculpture

Romantic era sculpture.

The ideas of romanticism in a characteristic, in a romantic form was best expressed by the Frenchman François RUDE (1784—1855), and its relief La Marseillaise, adorning from. 1832 The Arc de Triomphe in Paris' Star Square, to this day, it is considered the flagship work of Romantic sculpture. Although the characters …

General features of classical sculpture

General features of classical sculpture.

Composure, seriousness, harmony - these essential features of the neoclassical style are also found in the sculptures of this period. The classical statue presents a balanced form, closed and compact (tectonic); the line of her contour is clearly defined and soft.

Sculptors strive to show …